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Acid Zapper Review 2009

2009 Acid Zapper Review  ©


ZOWIE! Acid Zapper adds zip to your legs and your performance 

What if you could take a simple supplement to reduce pain, increased power output and speed up recovery with a simple glass of water completely LEGALLY? What if you could drop your riding or running partners like a hot branding iron or taunt them by slowly pulling away, letting them catch you and then really dropping the hammer and crushing them?

In my case, how does it feel for a 47 year old amateur racing cyclist to hear teasing about my gray beard and being old only to drop guys in a group ride like Lance did to Ulrich on Alpe'd Huez? It feels freaking awesome! So how do you do it, other than training harder? Acid Zapper is the place to start.

That "burn" you feel in your legs is the signal your comfort and performance are both going to take a dive, in some cases dramatically. Endurance athletes all understand what the lactic threshold is conceptually. Some, including me, start their competitive season with testing to baseline where that point is in relation to where needs to be later in the season. One of the goals of training is to push the inflection point further out so you can go harder longer. What if there was a legal supplement to help with that as you train and while you race? Well lucky for us Acid Zapper does that! 

I basically limped through chemistry and biology classes, but I do understand acid and alkaline in your blood are one of the yin and yangs of your body chemistry. Your stomach is where acid lives and is at its highest. The pancreas balances your body with alkaline excretions with the best possibility being your blood stays in a balanced PH around the 7.0-7.3 range or half way between 0 and 14, which is the scale PH is measured. So what right? There are several reasons why you should care. I'm going to keep this fairly simple because I read all about free hydrogen ions and the like, but I didn't want to call my friend the chemical engineer to sort it out for me in that level of detail

First, your ability to hold on to and build muscle mass is affected by PH balance in your body. You ability to do that changes as you get older-meaning like every thing else with age, it gets harder to accomplish. Your diet helps, but sometimes even that can't get the job done This is especially true with older endurance athletes.

Second, you burn fuel as you exercise which produces waste like any energy burn does. Your body is designed to get rid of blood acid waste through breathing, sweating and urinating. Your body also buffers waste and balances your blood PH through calcium, phosphorus, bicarbonate, phosphate and hemoglobin. If all this fails, then your body develops acidosis either by exercise or merely by aging. This isn't a good thing to have happen in either case. A build up of lactic acid in your body reduces your stamina and speeds the rate of exhaustion. Translation-your performance suffers or collapses in extreme cases.

I started taking Acid Zapper a couple of weeks ago and noticed a change in performance on my first ride. That was a bit of a surprise considering some supplements take a while to get into your system, but then again, the way Acid Zapper works in your body makes that possible. I take Acid Zapper in the morning with breakfast and my other supplements and exercise in the afternoon. That's what works for me, you might be different. I can now ride faster and harder than before and feel significantly better when I'm done.

Acid Zapper is an alkaline-based supplement designed to buffer acid in your body's blood system. Without going through the chemistry and biology lesson above in even more detail, Acid Zapper in effect moves your lactic threshold out-the curve to the right and up. Independent research showed the ingredients in Acid Zapper dramatically increased the time to exhaustion, lowered the level of acid in an athletes blood system at exhaustion, lowered the study athletes heart rate and respiratory rates all while improving muscle recovery rates. DANG! Can that be true?! 

That's the research that's been independently verified by guys in lab coats. But truthfully that matters less than how actual people feel using it. I can tell you I won't exercise without Acid Zapper ever again.

I can verify all of those factors personally from my body and my training. I use a Garmin Edge 305, which gives me my heart rate and graphs it against the performance indicators of a ride. I can also tell you my legs hurt less; actually in some cases they don't hurt at all during large parts of my ride, or when I step off the bike and the next day. It seems significantly easier to breathe in a controlled way during my training. I also know I'm getting more power out because I can compare the average speeds on my standard training rides before and after starting Acid Zapper. There is a significant objectively measured difference.

I like Acid Zapper better than competing products because it attacks the problem intellectually the way I would-it combats the problem directly or alkaline against acid. There are competing products that load your body with lactate to tell your body it doesn't need to produce lactic acid. That works, and I have taken that product before for a decent amount of time, but it just doesn't work as well for me. The other limitation of that product is that you have to take every 1-2 hours during exercise to keep the effect working. I don't know about you, but riding, drinking and taking capsules all at the same time is probably the formula for a crash in my world.

I can highly recommend this supplement because it delivers what it says it's supposed to deliver and in my case delivers more than I would have expected. It's easy to bottomline: more comfort, better performance, quicker recovery during and after your rides. What else could you really want? 

© 2009 ProLine Sports Nutrition

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