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You guys are very good at processing orders quickly and shipping it fast. I def. appreciate that. Thank you.

Rolando G.

Cordygen VO2 Ultra 120 Capsules | Millennium Sport Technologies (81595-00084)

New Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA
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Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA incorporates OxyCeps-ATP, a DNA certified, 100% organic and highly concentrated HEAA (hydroxy ethyl adenosine analogs) rich Cordyceps Sinensis Hybrid to provide maximum oxygen absorption, utilization and ATP production. Combined with powerful extracts of Jiaogulan (gynostemma pentaphyllum), Rhodiola Rosea and electrolytes Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA sets the new gold standard for reducing oxygen debt and providing maximum endurance. Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA is formulated for rapid release and action. 


Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA contains OxyCeps-ATP our strongest cordyceps hybrid strain to date which is biomass cultured for maximum HEAA (hydroxyethyl-adenosine), Beta 1,3/1,6-Glucan (45%), Adenine, Alpha Glucan (6%), 3-Deoxyadenosine and polysaccharide (75%), content.  Proven to be nearly 6 times more potent than any other strain it allows for rapid oxygen assimilation, absorption and utilization while providing maximum ATP levels.  The Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA strain is also the most adaptogenic of any strain available supporting proper adrenal cortex function and aiding in homeostasis of the body. The Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA strain requires a six month growth period where it is subjected to gas, temperature and atmospheric pressure changes to simulate its native high altitude environment.  This culturing process allows for maximum active constituent content from every portion of its life cycle to provide its powerful effects.  The OxyCeps-ATP strain alone can enhance oxygen utilization over 40% and ATP over 30% as a stand alone ingredient but we've sweetened the pot & bolstered the products potency by adding two powerful O2 enhancing adaptogens that make Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA the most powerful oxygen utilization and endurance product available!

Jiaogulan is known China and Japan as the "Immortality Herb" and has countless benefits.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiaogulan is used to support healthy cardiac and lung function, oxygen utilization, endurance, stamina, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, immune function, sleep, sexual prowess, mental clarity, overall energy and in the prevention of altitude sickness caused by hypoxia.   

Jiaogulan is a powerful adaptogen containing 82 known saponins called gypenosides. Many of these gypenosides including 3, 4, 8 & 12 are responsible for Jiaogulan's positive effect on oxygen absorption and utilization.  Clinical studies have shown Jiaogulan to effectively support cardiac function increasing heart stroke volume by 37%, overall cardiac output by 21% and bolstering ejection fraction 13% while decreasing heart rate 10% and maintaining normal blood pressure.  Jiaogulan also shows ability to increase nitric oxide synthase which can lead to increased nitric oxide levels to further support cardiovascular function.  This shows the powerful ability of Jiaogulan to effectively and efficiently deliver oxygenated blood to the muscles for optimal endurance and performance. 

Jiaogulan displays powerful antioxidant properties bolstering endogenous SOD (superoxide dismutase) levels in clinical trials.  SOD is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown in studies to be directly related to longevity. The increase in SOD levels increase the overall value of Jiaogulan in Cordygen-VO2 because it aids in quenching exercise induced free radicals.  

Studies conducted in Japan, China and Germany showed continuous use of Jiaogulan to have a positive influence on lipid, glucose & cholesterol metabolism leading to positive fat loss and cardiovascular health. The combination of lipid and glucose metabolism with increased oxygen utilization make Jiaogulan the perfect fit for Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and anyone who needs accelerated fat loss during aerobic exercise. Clinics in Japan and China use Jiaogulan's effect on blood sugar and lipid metabolism to aid in weight loss for the obese and weight gain in the frail and have proven that Jiaogulan can help athletes gain and retain lean muscle mass due to aiding nutrient assimilation.   20 plus studies in China and Japan have also shown even small amounts of Jiaogulan to decrease LDL cholesterol levels and increase healthy HDL levels with great efficiency providing more cardiovascular health benefits.   

Rhodiola Rosea (also known as Tibetan Rhodiola) is a cooling adaptogen that has been proven in many studies and used by the many cultures including Tibetan Sherpas, the Chinese and Russians to increase the capacity for work. Rhodiola Rosea even in small amounts can have a positive effect on oxygen absorption, saturation and utilization.  Rhodiola supplementation in clinical studies has shown the ability to increase ATP 17% and creatine phosphate (CP) 45% above baseline levels.  Rhodiola has also shown to increase muscle glycogen levels 53% while decreasing lactic acid 18% and ammonia 60%.  Rhodiola has the unique ability to promote mental clarity, focus and willingness to work and perform by supporting optimal serotonin & dopamine levels.  Proper neurotransmitter levels are crucial to keeping your head in the game.    

Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA is the only product of its kind to incorporate these three incredibly powerful adaptogens at high potency, all of which aid in maximizing oxygen absorption, oxygen utilization and cellular energy. Cordyceps, Jiaogulan and Rhodiola also positively influence the adrenal cortex offering comprehensive adrenal support to those who abuse stimulants or are under large amounts of stress.  Strengthening the adrenals is crucial in balancing normal cortisol and adrenaline levels to bolster performance, weight loss and overall health.   We all know what increased oxygen utilization, ATP and creatine phosphate (CP) levels can do for athletic performance, but couple that with heightened intra-muscular glycogen levels, pin point mental focus, decreased lactic acid and ammonia levels, and endurance & strength can be pushed to new limits. 

A balanced electrolyte blend has been added to supplement the crucial loss of cell salts during intense training allowing for prolonged effects. 

Whether you are a weekend warrior looking to run circles around your friends, a soccer mom looking to burn fat more efficiently during cardio sessions or an elite professional athlete looking for a "competitive secret weapon" Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA will meet your performance needs.  

Suggested Use: For best results take 3-6 capsules of Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA 45-60 minutes prior to endurance event, cardiovascular activity, sport event or weightlifting. Start with 2-3 capsules to assess the products potency and then increase the dosage accordingly. Best when taken daily. 

Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA FAQ's 

Q: What should I expect from Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA? 

A: You should expect to see dramatic increases in oxygen utilization, endurance and performance in as little as a 2 capsule dose. Your anaerobic and aerobic endurance and threshold should increase.  Your aerobic and anaerobic recovery time during exercise, weightlifting or endurance activity should be much quicker.  Your ATP regeneration time should be accelerated leading to more muscular strength with longer durations until failure.  You should notice that you can perform at a higher level with lower heart rate.  Simply put, you won't hit the wall cardiovascularly!  


Q: How should I take Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA?  

A: Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA can be taken in a few ways.  It is effective in doses as low as two to three capsules and extremely potent in larger doses up to six capsules.  We recommend taking a 3-6 capsules of Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA 45-60 minutes before any activity where the more oxygen utilization and ATP are needed.  For best results Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA should be taken on non training days as well but you can reduce the dose to 1-2 capsules.   

Q: Is Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA safe 

A: Yes, Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA is completely safe and non-toxic.  

Q: Is Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA legal? 

A: Yes, Cordygen-VO2 is 100% legal. Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA is formulated and manufactured without the use of any banned substances and conforms to WADA and IOC standards. 

Q: Is Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA really that much better than other cordyceps products including bulk powder? 

A: Absolutely! There is no comparison between Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and the sub-standard weak cordyceps strains and products polluting market.  If you aren't buying a cordyceps product from MST then you are wasting your money.  Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and Cordygen5 contain up to 95% more active constituents than the majority of cordyceps products.  Just because it says "cordyceps" doesn't mean it is effective. 

Q: How long until I feel the full effects of Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and do the effects fade when I discontinue use? 

A: You will feel the effect of Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA with the very first dose but it does take about 4 consecutive days of supplementation before maximum effects can be felt.  Full effects from each dose last as long as 6 hours and residual effects can be felt as long as 12 hours later.  You will notice that you lose some of the effects when you discontinue use but gains in VO2 max from your increased training should remain with you.   

Q: How is Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA different from Cordygen5? 

A: Cordygen5 is a time released formula designed for athletes that need long term oxygen utilization and ATP regeneration.

Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA is stronger and faster acting but the effects don't last as long as Cordygen5.  The addition of Jiaogulan and Rhodiola along with the beefed up dose of OxyCeps-ATP hybrid cordyceps makes Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA more versatile for strength athletes too.  Endurance athletes may wish to take Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA and Cordygen5 for long distance events to capitalize on heightened short and long term endurance and O2 utilization.  

Q: Are there any side effects? 

A: Not exactly a side effect but since Cordyceps is anti-fungal it will start to kill off any candida overgrowth if you suffer from candidiasis. This may result in loose stool.  If this happens reduce the dose. We have formulated Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA to be much easier on the stomach than the original Cordygen-VO2.  

Q: How will Cordygen-VO2 ULTRA affect my cardio and fat loss regimen?  

A: We all know that the better the body processes and utilizes oxygen the more efficient it can metabolize fuel including fat.  There is solid clinical evidence that jiaogulan and cordyceps can increase fat loss due to the increased ability to burn fat for fuel during cardiovascular exercise.  This may also be one of the reasons that endurance athletes don't hit the wall as soon during intense long term training or competition these compounds.  The body can more easily burn fat for fuel when glycogen levels are depleted.* 


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