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"I think you guys [gals ?] are the best. Free shipping on hammer products and super fast service. What's not to like?"

Nancy H.


Proline Sports Nutrition & Equipment,

I was shopping for the product below using Google as which time I saw your Google add. This was the first I heard of your company. I went to your site and liked what I saw and proceeded to order the Optygen HP. The order was placed on late Friday afternoon and was delivered (to my surprise) on Saturday. Your service is awesome as well as your price match guarantee. There is no doubt that I will continue to use you in the future, as well as recommend you to others.


Brian H
Aurora, IL
 I am very impressed with your customer service.  I was worried about getting my order with a marathon a week and a half out.  Wow, less than 24 hours and my order was sitting on the porch.  That is phenominal service.  I will definately shop with you again.  I have had free shipping take 10 days.  Proline Sports Nutrition is a site I will recommend to my many running/cycling buddies.  Thanks for the great response.  BTW, that info on the Hammer Nutrition products was wonderful!!  It helped me hone in on my nutrition/hydration plan for my marathon.  I printed off the entire 120 pages!  This is my 4th marathon.  I've trained hard, and my Hammer plan I do believe will give me a PR.
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Runovia / Baxyl 6oz Liquid by Cogent Solutions (94353-00117)

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Athletes taking Runovia daily can:

  • Enhance performance
  • Speed recovery
  • Avoid overuse of palliative medications

Intense training stresses every athlete's joints. In the process, hyaluronan a critical component found in the synovial fluid and articular cartilage of joints is broken down, typically leading to inflammation.  To counteract this destructive chain of events, Runovia delivers hyaluronan the key molecule for joint health.  Baxyl (Runovia) is backed by years of research and development by worldwide leaders in the fields of bone and joint health. Baxyl is the only human joint health supplement available to natural products retailers that is supported by several double-blinded, placebo-controlled university studies and physician-monitored clinical trials as acknowledged by three U.S. Patents.

Runovia with MHB3® hyaluronan is an oral dietary supplement that supports healthy cartilage and joint function.* Consistent supplementation with Runovia is recommended for long-term maintenance of joint and skin health.*

Runovia is safe and effective with no known drug interactions or side effects. Unlike most joint supplements that use processed animal by-products, Runovia's patent-pending formulation is microbially synthesized, and therefore vegan.

Read Runovia Research and Reviews here
Runovia is now the official joint supplement of USA Triathlon


The link between hyaluronan and performance was first observed in equine athletes where joint problems can be not only painful, but also deadly and has more recently been established in humans.  It was also found that strenuous training could be resumed more quickly with oral hyaluronan supplementation, and that dependence on anti-inflammatory medications was reduced.

Douglas W. Kiburz, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon, performed a clinical study confirming these observations in humans.  According to Dr. Kiburz, "Among supplements and nutraceuticals I have used and recommended in practice, Runovia is unique in that its formulation has been clinically demonstrated to be effective and is specifically targeted for the high-performance athlete."

Runovia's patent-pending formulation is a liquid providing a polydisperse molecular weight range of hyaluronan optimized for bioavailability and effectiveness.  By taking Runovia daily, athletes help maintain optimum joint health and give themselves a better way to train hard.

Importantly, Cogent Solutions Group, LLC, maker of Runovia, is committed to the principles of clean sport.  Hyaluronan, Runovia's active ingredient, is not listed as prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency or the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

A single bottle of Runovia provides more than a six-week supply when used as recommended. Try Runovia today and find out for yourself why it is the joint supplement of choice for high-performance athletes everywhere.

Hyaluronan is necessary for human life. It is present from the very beginning, being essential for such fundamental biological processes as ovulation and fertilization (Russell and Salustri 2006). Hyaluronan also appears to be necessary for many processes that occur during prenatal development (Spicer and Tien 2004). For example, high levels of hyaluronan synthesis are required for the development of many of our joints (Archer et al. 2003). Enzymes that make the precursors of hyaluronan are critical for normal development in other animals and are likely also necessary in humans (Vigetti et al. 2006). The evidence is therefore compelling that hyaluronan plays a key role in making us who we are!

Hyaluronan is broken down by repetitive motion and trauma the hallmarks of intense training. The resulting smaller fragments of hyaluronan tend to promote inflammation. During recovery periods, newly-synthesized, larger molecules of hyaluronan keep inflammation in check. Oral supplementation with hyaluronan also keeps inflammation in check. The best available evidence is that oral hyaluronan is not subject to complete digestion in the gastrointestinal system. Instead, some hyaluronan is absorbed in much the same form as it is ingested and is transported to the vicinity of the joints. Supplementation with hyaluronan thus can stimulate the body to increase the production of its own hyaluronan in the tissues where it is most sorely needed to stave off inflammation and longer-term consequences such as osteoarthritis.

Hyaluronan is necessary for joint function. Because it is abundant in synovial fluid the viscous fluid found within joints such as knees and shoulders hyaluronan cushions joints against impact. Hyaluronan forms the infrastructure that other molecules such as chondroitin sulfate must attach to in order to function properly. Moreover, hyaluronan serves as a renewal signal to cells in and around the joint so that they synthesize new components to replace those that inevitably wear out. In this way, hyaluronan plays both a structural and a functional role anchoring critical joint structures while ensuring that new components, critical for proper function, are continually made.


What is in Runovia?
Runovia contains hyaluronan (also known as sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid), a key component of joints. Runovia also contains water (to ensure hyaluronan absorption), sodium chloride (for palatability), as well as small amounts of citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate (for product stability). Runovia contains no animal products and is GMO-free.

How can Runovia enhance athletic performance?
Intense training stresses joints. One of the manifestations of that stress is a breakdown of hyaluronan, which is present in high concentrations in synovial fluid and articular cartilage of diarthrodial joints. Runovia provides hyaluronan of a polydisperse molecular weight range optimized for bioavailability and effectiveness. Ingestion of hyaluronan can aid in the replenishment of hyaluronan broken down due to intense training. With this replenishment, intense training can be resumed more readily, and preparation for competition can be made more efficient.

How can Runovia speed recovery from intense training or injury?
Hyaluronan supplementation has been shown in various species to protect articular cartilage and to alleviate inflammation. Such effects are consistent with an accelerated recovery cycle and with clinical observations of the formulation's effectiveness.

How can Runovia help athletes who overuse medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)?
Athletes are like everyone else in seeking to control pain. Typically, they turn to NSAIDs for relief. While NSAIDs have their place in clinical practice, they are not without their risks. We all know about the highly-publicized cardiovascular risks associated with a certain prescription drug that is now off the market. But there are risks that have garnered less attention, too, such as reports of renal failure in dehydrated individuals who took NSAIDs. In other words, NSAIDs can be overused, and it is good to use them prudently. Runovia, while not a replacement for NSAIDs, contains hyaluronan. Hyaluronan has many important physiological roles in contributing to proper joint mechanics and in attenuating inflammation. It is my clinical experience that patients rely less on pain-relieving medications when they get proper exercise and nutrition. In particular, I recommend formulations such as Runovia's to my patients, including athletes, as part of such an overall program.

Isn't hyaluronan used in joint injections?
Sodium hyaluronate is approved for intraarticular injection in the treatment of joint discomfort, such as with osteoarthritis. Runovia does not wish in any way to disparage the substantial benefit many patients experience from these injections, nor to suggest that use of Runovia as directed will make such injections less necessary for those whose physicians recommend them.

Why wouldn't hyaluronan show up on standard tests for doping?
Hyaluronan is a molecule already found naturally in the body. The natural variability in hyaluronan levels is high enough that it is difficult to detect whether a randomly chosen individual has ingested a hyaluronan supplement. Additionally, hyaluronan belongs to a category of molecules completely different in structure from anabolic steroids and protein hormones and growth factors such as EPO and hGH.

How does Runovia compare with supplements containing chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine?
To get maximum benefit from supplements containing chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, it is important to have sufficient quantities of hyaluronan as well. This is because hyaluronan forms the backbone of key joint structures that also contain chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Without the hyaluronan backbone, these structures cannot form correctly.

How does Runovia compare with other hyaluronan supplements?
Most competing supplements provide either a lower concentration of hyaluronan or provide desiccated hyaluronan, which is not readily absorbed. Runovia provides hyaluronan that is fully hydrated, ensuring maximum bioavailability.

How does Runovia compare with edgier supplements such as hGH and anabolic steroids?
The sole role of molecules such as hGH and anabolic steroids is to send a biochemical signal. For this reason it is easy for such chemicals, when dosed improperly, to send the entire system out of balance. Runovia works through an entirely different principle. Runovia provides hyaluronan, which in the body has both a structural role and a signaling role. Runovia is unaware of any reports in the scientific literature of adverse effects due to improper dosing of hyaluronan provided for oral ingestion.

Why is it important to take Runovia every day?
The body breaks down hyaluronan continually. While the body also makes hyaluronan continually, there is reason to believe that, with intense training, biosynthesis does not always keep pace with breakdown. For this reason, supplementation provides the opportunity to replenish what is lacking. It is also believed that contemporary humans ingest far less hyaluronan than did their ancestors, and that optimum levels of intake are not achieved by the typical 21st-century diet.

Will taking Runovia disrupt my training regimen?
To date there have been no reports of any training regimen disruptions due to Runovia. Daily administration of Runovia should take thirty seconds or less.

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