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Multi-V Q&A

Q: What is Multi-V?

A: Multi-V is a new Multi-Nutrient formula that provides endurance athletes with endurance specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for endurance exercise training and racing. This formula is unique in that it's the first with ingredients clinically proven to enhance endurance. Multi-V utilizes the latest clinical research on endurance nutrition and input from some of the best endurance athletes in the world.

Q: What are the benefits of using Multi-V daily?

A: The benefits of E3 are:

  • Improved Performance
  • Unmatched Antioxidant Protection
  • Assurance that you are not deficient in any critical nutrients
  • Full spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals
  • Reduction in sickness caused by over-training
  • Most bio-available sources of Nutrients

    Q: What is Carbogen and how does it work?

    A: Carbogen is the patented enzyme blend in Multi-V. Clinical studies on elite cyclists showed Carbogen breaks down multi-chain carbohydrates into simple glucose. This is important for endurance athletes because glucose is readily accessible and useable for working muscles. What's really unique about Carbogen is that even with this fast breakdown of carbohydrates, there is no affect on insulin. This is important because it doesn't create an insulin spike. Blood glucose remains elevated for many hours. A summary of the Clinical Study is found below:
  • Significant increase in blood glucose levels during high intensity exercise by 23%
  • Sustained increase in blood glucose levels for 5 hours
  • Significant decrease in the accumulation of blood lactate by 58% average
  • Significant increase in time to exhaustion by 43%
  • Decreased rate of perceived exertion (RPE).

    A clinical trial was performed on the patented enzyme system CARBOGEN from Triarco Industries, Inc. at the University of Dayton Human Performance Lab, Dayton, OH by Janine T. Baer, Ph.D., RD, Associate Professor of Health and Sport Science. The purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of 160 mg of Carbogen® consumed with a meal replacement bar on exercise performance during 60 min of high intensity cycling.

    After an overnight 12-hr fast 5 trained, male cyclists (mean VO2 max 70 ml/kg/min) performed two 60-min cycling bouts at 80% VO2 max followed by a sprint at 100% VO2 max. Subjects consumed a meal replacement bar plus either 160 mg Carbogen ? or 160 mg placebo 1 hour prior to each cycling bout. Blood glucose and lactate were determined at: fasting, 1 hr-post feeding, at 30 and 60 minutes of exercise and post-sprint. Glucose levels were consistently higher when Carbogen® was used, with the values after 60-min of exercise significantly higher than the placebo (Carbogen® 73.8+3.6 mg/dl vs. placebo 58.4+ 11.9mg/dl, P<.05) (Graph 1). Lactate values were also consistently lower with the values after 30 min of exercise significantly lower than the placebo (Carbogen® 1.2 + .05 vs. placebo 3.3+0.23, P<.05) (Graph 2). Subjects were able to maintain a 100% VO2 max workload significantly longer with Carbogen® vs. placebo (6.3+3.4 min vs.4.4+ 2.9 min, p<0.001) (Graph 3).Additionally, subjects reported a lower rate of perceived exertion during the exercise trial with Carbogen® (mean RPE 12 + 1.0) vs. placebo (mean RPE 13 + 1.0).

    Q: What will Gingko Biloba do for me?

    A: The levels of Gingko Biloba in Multi-V have been clinically shown to improve circulation.

    Q: What are Chelated Minerals and are they better?

    A: Chelatation is a patented process that creates chemical bonds with nutrients like chromium, iron and magnesium. This process makes minerals highly bioavailable. This is important because it ensures the nutrient is bonded with the amino acid chelate is easily absorbed and digested.

    Q: What is Iron Amino Acid Chelate and how is that better than other Iron sources?

    A: Amino Acid Chelates form a highly stable bio-available bond. Unlike Iron as Ferrous Fumarate, Iron AAC does not compete for the binding sites of some minerals like Calcium. In addition, there are no toxicity issues. This Iron used in Multi-V is highly bio-available and will not diminish your calcium or other minerals. It's also very safe.

    Q: There are also vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Ultragen and E3. Do I still need the Multi-V?

    A: The Multi-V is designed to work synergistically with the other First Endurance products. The First Endurance research team reviewed every ingredient in the First Endurance product line to assure you are getting the levels of nutrients you need for endurance training without worrying about the risk of over-dosing with any ingredient. In addition, Multi-V also works great as a stand-alone Multi-Vitamin for your every day needs.

    Q: Why isn't there Calcium in Multi-V?

    A: Our athletes told us that they did not want to consume more than 3 tablets in their Multi-Vitamin. The addition of Calcium to this formula would have required a 4th tablet to the daily dose. In addition, one serving of Ultragen contains 500mg Calcium and one serving of E3 contains 100mg calcium. On a typical training day athletes who use E3 and Ultragen will consume between 600mg (60% RDA) and 900mg(90% RDA) of Calcium from Ultragen and E3.

    Q: Should I use Multi-V in my off training months? Can I use it every day?

    A: Yes. The Multi-V is designed to be your daily Multi-Vitamin and should be used every day all year long.

    Q: What types of athletes should be taking Multi-V?

    A: Any athlete that does endurance exercise and training will benefit from Multi-V. The nutrients in Multi-V have been shown in clinical studies to effectively protect endurance athletes from the stresses of exercise and to improve endurance performance.

    Q: What is ORAC and why is this good for me?

    A: ORAC=Oxygen Reactive Absorbancy Capacity. ORAC is a quantitative measure of an antioxidants ability to absorb oxidative damage There is clinical data supporting this methodology. ORAC testing is considered the gold standard for measuring antioxidant capacity. This new FDA-approved method of testing antioxidants will become common in the future. Multi-V is one of the first products to use this testing method. This ensures you have antioxidant protection and quality that is second to none. Antioxidants generally range in their ORAC score from 50 to 9,000. An ORAC score of 8,000 found in the Multi-V provides the level of oxidative protection endurance athletes need to protect them from the stresses and demands of every day training.

    Q: Should I take Multi-V on days I'm not training?

    A: Yes. The Multi-V is designed to be taken every day, just like any other multi-vitamin.

    Q: When should I take Multi-V?

    A: In order to maximize carbohydrate utilization, it's best to take Multi-V one to two hours before training or racing with your pre-exercise meal. Multi-V can be taken with breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending when you're exercising.

    Q: Should I split up the 3 tablet dose into 3 separate meals a day, or should I take this all at once?

    A: It's important to take all three tablets all at once in order to get the required dosage of Cargoben, the patented enzyme blend in Multi-V that maximizes carbohydrate utilization.

    Q: How many servings are in a container of Multi-V?

    A: There are 30 servings per container.
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